30 Day Challenge: Progress so far

Hi there my lovely people.  Happy Wednesday.  Just a low key post today.  I'm working away on my bathroom refresh and the reveal is coming this weekend.  If you want to follow along with my progress jump on over to my Instagram stories.  But for now I wanted to update you all on my other project: my 30 day challenge.  I've pledged to take one styled picture of my home everyday for 30 days.  This is my attempt to build my self-discipline and follow-through skills, which I sorely lack.  

Below are the first 8 pictures of the 30 days.  They range in subject matter but all are shots from my home incorporating my stuff.  I tried my hand at some large overall shots as well as some tighter vignettes.  I also tried arranging some items on surfaces for the first time.  Like a table or desk.  This was new to me and I like how they came out.  So far I'd say the first shot of my thrifted ceramics collection is still my favourite.  I love the blue and white tones.  I don't think I could live without the colours blue and white.  Other favourites include the shot of my living room and the mix of wooden and woven objects I put together.  

Making time for this everyday is a challenge.  I've had a pox on my house for 2 weeks now.  My family members keep passing around a bad strain of a cold so I've been playing nurse.  Mothering really cuts into my styling time.  I kid I kid.  This week I'd like to concentrate on shots I've never done before that incorporate larger objects that tell a story.  We'll see what I can come up with!  I've put all the photos I've taken so far below so you can look at my impressive progress.  Tell me which one is your favourite!!!

thrifted ceramics collection.jpg
styling a desk.jpg
second hand candlestick holder.jpg
cozy couch with faux fur throw .jpg
white boho living room with yellow couch.jpg
wooden and woven thrifted .jpg
kitchen counter vignette.jpg

Object I NEED

Paper Bag Ceramic Vase

 The Archers  HILL HOUSE V

The Archers HILL HOUSE V

I love vases.  I collect textured coloured glass vases and ceramic vases.  They're all over my house.  They're decorative and functional all at the same time.  During my travels on the internet I have seen many vases that intrigue and excite me.  Most recently, I spied a giant ceramic vase that looks exactly like a brown paper bag.  It felt like a trick or a joke.  It's paper bag is a very basic household item that ends up as trash or recycling.  To take an object like this and turn it into a sturdy ceramic vase made me smile.  I saw it while snooping around The Archers website (a AD top 100 design team).  There in the entrance of their HILL HOUSE V was a floating side table with a large vase that looked like a brown paper bag.  I needed to know more so I went digging.  

pink paper bag vase.jpg

I learned that Finnish designer Tapio Wirrkala designed a series of ceramic vases shaped like paper bags for Rosenthal a German home goods company.  Wirrkala was a prolific designer working with ceramics, glass and metal.  You might know his work through the Finish design giant Iittala.  

turquoise paper bag vase.jpg

I found paper bag vases designed by Wirkkala in rose and turquoise still for sale today on the Rosenthal website.  The crinkled lines and indents in the vase blow my mind.  And look at the zig zag teeth at the top of the vase!  No detail has been over looked.  

brown paper bag vase.jpg

I also found other vases, no doubt inspired by Wirkkala.  Like this one from the online shop Omnimonger.  


I love the thrill of finding a new design object and designer and learning all about them.  I love digging for research and information and developing an appreciation for something.  It's a good feeling.  But now of course I need one of these vases in my house.